100% virtual trade fair

The health crisis has forced some event players to rethink their physical events and make them virtual. But what may come easy to set up for some events, may prove to be complicated for others. Trade fairs are considered to be a meeting place bringing together, both professionals and the general public around a common interest and allows, thanks to the proximity, to create new business opportunities. This proximity may seem difficult to maintain during a virtual event.

A digital trade show is an excellent opportunity to meet virtually actors, from a target sector, from all over the world. Indeed, it will allow to set up different types of meetings: conferences, round table discussions, feedback, networking, and chats with other users and professionals. And what if to visit a trade show, all you had to do was open your browser or download a mobile application giving access to a 100% virtual congress space ?

This article will give you tips on how to digitalize a trade show and make it 100% virtual.

The essentials for the “good virtualization” of a trade fair

  • On technical performance :

Digitalization of an event means technical performance. Indeed, to support the traffic of an fair, a sufficiently stable and technically viable platform is required. The platform must be capable to support rich and heavy content, but also host several parallel cycles of conferences.

  • On ergonomics and customer experience :

During a virtual trade fair, the difference with the physical event is felt for several reasons: no physical meeting, impossibility to touch and test the product, uncertainties on the steps to follow. This is why the platform hosting the virtual show must be ergonomic, intuitive, interactive, and easy to use.

It’s all about organization

  • On the choice of good practices

The information contained in the platform has a capital role, as much as the techniques used. Streaming, videoconferencing, chats, and other interactive tools are means that should be seriously considered to achieve the virtualization of your trade fair.

  • To facilitate web browsing

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your virtual trade fair:

  • The fully customizable schedule allows the participant to have on his screen only the conferences, workshops, and showrooms that he wishes to attend. He does not get lost in a long schedule looking for the session he is interested in, everything is immediately at hand.
  • The possibility of setting up dedicated areas for partners and sponsors.
  • Virtual rooms for meetings and networking.
  • One-to-one videoconferences and chats for professionals to discuss among themselves and/or with the general public.
  • Satisfaction surveys to gather the opinions of customers and the public.
  • Modules to place product sheets, photos, videos, etc. on the website.
  • Your speakers will have a dedicated space for them to share with any participants their biographical sheets, documents, photos, videos, etc.

The benefits of digitizing a trade fair

  • Maintenance and extension of the show

The main interest of digitizing a fair with the restrictions due to the sanitary situation is to be able to maintain it on the scheduled date and not to have to cancel or postpone it. However, in case of a return to normal, a virtual salon can be a complementary solution to the physical solution. And therefore, extend the scope of the fair to the largest number of people.

  • Interests according to the nature of the fair

The different fairs that we can find are:

  • Job fairs: virtual recruitment events, conferences for executives

The interest of a digital job fair is the virtual connection between recruiters and candidates. Right from the start and well in advance, they will have all the necessary information at their disposal via the platform. Thanks to a rich and complete tool, recruiters will have access to information richer than a CV and a cover letter. They will of course be able to consult these two documents but also the biography, social networks of the candidates, as well as any other necessary documents. The exchange will be facilitated thanks to various tools: videoconferences, chats, training. Recruiters will be able to make candidates do exercises and debrief with them live.

  • Trade shows and industrial fairs, as well as product launches: fairs dedicated to products and/or industry

The interest of a digital trade fair for industrial products is to link the supply and demand of target products as would be the case on a physical trade fair. To guarantee the success of your virtual trade show, think about setting up an intelligent platform with technical datasheets, product photos, live product demonstrations through videos. Without being able to inspect the products closely and touch them, the potential buyer will have all the useful information to make a purchase. Indeed, the absence of a physical fair does not mean the absence of potential buyers. Following the consultation of information on the different products, the potential buyer can contact the seller by consulting the information on his file (telephone, email, biography).

The virtual show is therefore a real alternative to the physical event. It allows direct and instant access replacing long trips, with a technically unlimited number of participants, an unprecedented possibility of setting up video conferences in parallel, and the possibility to have an unlimited number of live conversations. Do not hesitate to contact our experts if our article convinced you to digitalize your fair!


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