Why do you need to use a mobile event application ?


A NEW ERA We live in a new digital era which seems to be brought to evolve all the more and it would be time to meet the new standards more or less imposed or at least expected. Digitalization is an international phenomenon that affects all sectors of activity. Consumers are not only getting used […]

Optimize interactivity during your virtual events


The virtual is not just an offline replay of your event. To engage the participants and encourage them to fully experience your event, it must keep the same degree of interactivity as a physical event, or even better! All studies confirm it, our concentration has limits, and this aspect is even more present behind a […]

The emergence of hybrid events, a mixture of physical and digital


Following the lockdown end, can we say that the event industry will never be the same again? Despite the multiplication of tools and the rise of digital technology, these means have recently been little used in the event industry. The global health crisis has reversed this trend. With the lockdown, we have seen the advent […]

An event-driven mobile application adapted to schools and universities


How about an event-driven mobile application specifically designed for your establishment? Whether you are a school or a university, a mobile application can be useful for your team as well as for your students. Beyond the fact that the application can be used for all events at your school, it can also prove to be […]

All about virtual events


For weeks now, the world has been facing an exceptional situation due to COVID-19. Most industries have been impacted and have had to find solutions in a hurry to continue their activities despite the sanitary measures implemented. The events industry, which has been affected, has had to find alternatives to make human interactions possible even […]

How to mobilize your collaborators during a convention?


The increasing competitiveness of the market requires continuous and productive learning. In this context, companies and teams need to be prepared for changes and adaptations to meet new requirements to achieve the organization’s objectives. Working on internal marketing is therefore fundamental for employees to understand the negotiation vision, the management model, the objectives to be […]

How to reach a maximum connection rate ?


If you have planned an event supported by an event-driven mobile application, it’s time to show that you made the right choice! To do so, it would first be essential that participants connect to the platform as much as possible. Don’t let the connection rate be a random value as it will play a decisive […]

The importance of an event program for your BtoB events!


The event program, as a tool and considerable communication asset, exhaustively retraces the entire course of your event. While breaking down the duration of the event and providing guests with an overview of the event, it subtly reveals its key moments : – the opening, – speeches, lectures, and interventions, – taste breaks, – practical […]

Service provision of an event application


You want to organize a remarkable and impactful event? To guarantee the success of your event, you need to ensure that the service provider you are going to use will provide you with a platform that is worthy of your event. Whether it is a physical, hybrid, or virtual event, the platform must be technically […]

The B3App schedule: How does it work?


In our previous article, we addressed how important the program of an event is. We shared with you the idea of setting up a digital shedule for your events through a web or mobile event application. Today we would like to share with you behind the scenes of the implementation of this tool. Indeed, the […]