Physical Events

Encourage immersion during your physical event through an application

Find all the fundamentals of your events : Agenda, News Feed, Documents, Practical Information, Gamification, Quiz and more...

The traditional is modernized, your events adapt


The current environment has hit the event industry hard, but the physical event has not yet had its last word. Bringing participants together in one place during an event is now possible and reminds us of the preciousness of face-to-face social interactions. The human dimension is the great strength of the physical event: it is the ideal format to create a bond with its employees or to get closer to its audience.


Digitizing a physical event, however, offers new perspectives for interaction and enriches the experience of participants. A digital platform makes it possible to concentrate information, but that does not go without an aesthetic and easy-to-use interface.


Faced with such a challenge, B3App brings you its solution through its event application.

Digitize your events !

Do not miss the opportunity to deepen the interaction between your participants and to be able to communicate effectively: with an event application you facilitate the before, during and after your physical event.

Create a memorable physical event experience



Engage your participants


Encourage networking


Collect data

Participants can :

  • Watch the sessions live or offline thanks to streaming
  • Question speakers during sessions
  • Answer quizzes

Facilitate exchanges and communication between your participants:

  • Internal news feed to the application
  • Group meeting
    to discuss

Evaluate the satisfaction of your participants and estimate your ROI by recovering:

  • Feedback from the sessions
  • The general satisfaction survey
  • Answers to votes and quizzes
  • Data on the general use of the application

Check in

Make it easy for participants to register and control entry to your event with our digital registration system. Each registered participant has a QR Code that you can scan at their arrival.


News feed and gallery

Give your attendees the opportunity to share content during your event! With the news feed, your guests can post photos and share a message to the whole community : the perfect feature to foster immersion and interaction within your event.

Want to create a souvenir after the event is over? The Gallery will be used to collect all the photos posted by participants in one place and will remain available as long as your app exists.

The application, a real support for your physical event


Our event application has many other features to make your attendees' experience unique.

Our information modules make the app very practical for organizing your event : it centralizes all practical and logistical information (restaurants and hotels nearby, important telephone numbers, site map, etc.).

Our integrated interactivity modules allow you to go further in sharing: Quiz, Word cloud ...


The white label

Customize your application as much as possible by choosing the name of the native application downloadable by the participants : the application adapts perfectly to your identity and makes an impression.