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A success story: Do it like the École Navale !

You may be wondering what our platform can do for your event. Don’t wait any longer and discover how we helped the École Navale (Naval School) group to transform an event, which was initially in person, into a virtual event.

The École Navale, which specialises in the initial training of all naval officers, organised the “Resilience & LeaderShip” Chair, an event bringing together researchers and experts from the military (with a specific focus on the French Navy), industry and the medical world. To make this 100% digital event, the group decided to use our Virtual Event Platform.

The main objective of the École Navale was to create meetings, exchanges and debates between the academic and professional spheres by opening a dialogue around resilience as a response to crises. Through the experiences of experts and recent academic research on the subject, this 2.0 event is also an opportunity for the public to learn more about the concepts of Resilience and Leadership within organisations.

The programme for this 2021 edition includes online conferences and round tables bringing together researchers and field experts from the military (with a specific focus on the French Navy), industry and the medical world. B3App proved useful as our platform enabled the group to make this 100% digital event an attractive one. Indeed, the group benefited from a number of features such as the possibility of obtaining information on each participant at the time of registration, the possibility of communicating about the event in advance and the highlighting of partners. Streaming for everyone and a videoconference session for the committees proved to be real pluses for the group, which appreciated the interactivity thus set up. Finally, the platform allowed the group to benefit from a larger and more varied number of participants since there were no longer geographical constraints.

Still not convinced? Here are two opinions from organisers who were satisfied with the event:

The opinion of Béguin Fanny, communication officer:
“Centralising all the information on a dedicated web application, customising the widgets according to our specifications, dressing the platform entirely in the colours of our event were all criterias that encouraged us to choose the B3App solution. The “Agenda” functionality associated with a “Speakers” module enabled us to update the planning of these two days in real time while integrating, for each conference and round table, a presentation of them associated with the biographical sheet of each speaker. The interactivity modules “News Feed́, “Networking” and “Live Questions/Answers”, “Streaming” and “Relay” enabled us to bring an extra soul to our event while capitalising on the all-digital! “

The opinion of LAOUNI Mohamed Ayoub, post-doctoral researcher:
“We have a good appreciation of our experience with B3App.
We particularly appreciated the ergonomics of the platform and the support provided by the developers/administrators, who responded in a reactive and appropriate manner to the various needs we identified throughout our project. The commitment of the B3App team and the user-friendliness of the interactions were also a major asset.
Finally, the virtual format proposed by B3App met a real need that arose in the context of a health crisis. Above all, it introduced us to a new possibility of interaction that is pushing us to rethink the way our future events will be held in order to reduce the ecological impact inherent in face-to-face events.”

The B3App solution
Do like the École Navale Group and create your event using our platform! Thanks to its experience, B3App adapts to your event by offering a large number of functionalities that can be adapted to your needs. Invent App will assist you throughout your event to help ensure its success. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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