A success story: Do it like the École Navale !

You may be wondering what our platform can do for your event. Don’t wait any longer and discover how we helped the École Navale (Naval School) group to transform an event, which was initially in person, into a virtual event. The École Navale, which specialises in the initial training of all naval officers, organised the […]

What are the future event jobs in this post-covid era?

B3App- future event jobs

Dates are announced… On 19 May and 9 June 2021, France is relaunched! It is time to enter the post-covid era. Life is starting again and time has come to know what future jobs are. Do you want to work in the event industry been afraid of the sector uncertainty? Here are a few tips […]

Why digitalise your event rather than cancel it?


The health crisis is at the heart of all discussions. The future is more uncertain than ever and setting up projects is getting more complex. Thus, you are hesitating to start creating events and to give life to projects that are close to your heart. You even wonder whether it would be better to cancel. […]

How to organize your virtual team building event ?


Team building is about transforming a group of individual employees into a cohesive team, a group of people organized to work together to meet the needs of their customers by achieving their objectives. Team building is essential to create a bond, to impulse and support a dynamic of trust and conviviality within your company. Strengthening […]

Spring 2021 event trends


The pandemic has changed our behaviors and organizational patterns. In response to these changes, new practices have been implemented and continue to emerge. Which practices are likely to persist and become part of our habits in a long-term perspective? What will our events look like once the health crisis is over? What will be this […]

Which platform to choose for a virtual event?


The ability of companies to adapt has become an essential asset in these times of health crisis. This is why more and more companies are turning to a virtual format for their events. This necessary transition to digital explains the rise of virtual event platforms, offering a package of services around these virtualized events. Given […]

Why do you need to use a mobile event application ?


A NEW ERA We live in a new digital era which seems to be brought to evolve all the more and it would be time to meet the new standards more or less imposed or at least expected. Digitalization is an international phenomenon that affects all sectors of activity. Consumers are not only getting used […]

Optimize interactivity during your virtual events


The virtual is not just an offline replay of your event. To engage the participants and encourage them to fully experience your event, it must keep the same degree of interactivity as a physical event, or even better! All studies confirm it, our concentration has limits, and this aspect is even more present behind a […]

The emergence of hybrid events, a mixture of physical and digital


Following the lockdown end, can we say that the event industry will never be the same again? Despite the multiplication of tools and the rise of digital technology, these means have recently been little used in the event industry. The global health crisis has reversed this trend. With the lockdown, we have seen the advent […]

An event-driven mobile application adapted to schools and universities


How about an event-driven mobile application specifically designed for your establishment? Whether you are a school or a university, a mobile application can be useful for your team as well as for your students. Beyond the fact that the application can be used for all events at your school, it can also prove to be […]