Hybrid and Virtual Events

We provide a hybrid and virtual event platform available in a web app and mobile version. Intuitive and extremely customizable, the B3App platform is specially designed for corporates events.

Page d'accueil


Simple, intuitif et personnalisable
Cette page peut être personnalisée selon les couleurs de votre événement.
Tous les modules sont accessibles directement depuis cette page principale.
Le menu de gauche est également personnalisable.

Diffusion en direct et VOD


Integrate live streams of the sessions or pre-recorded videos into our platform.
Participants will be able to watch the conferences in live or at a time of their choice.

Conférence vidéo


Start or join easily flexible virtual meetings through our platform.
During your video conference, you can simply chat with your guests using your computer's microphone and webcam.
You can also share your screen and send text messages.
Everything will be at your fingertips to make your meeting a success.


Ordre du jour


The schedule can be shared with all participants or segmented into groups.
Sessions can be categorised into Track.
Participants can create their own personal agendas.



Each session contains information about:

  • Session details
  • Diffusion en direct
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • The speakers


Les participants peuvent également :

  • Rate the session
  • Download the documents
  • Ask the speaker questions
  • Answer questionnaires



Thrombinoscope with participant profiles containing the desired public information.
Participants can exchange information with each other via the messaging system or video.

Booking a meeting


Participants can make appointments with each other through the meeting scheduling module with the possibility of arranging this meeting by videoconference.


Discussions de groupe


Il est possible de créer des discussions de groupe entre plusieurs personnes.
Les participants peuvent :

  • Exchange ideas
  • Make a group call via video conference
  • Send images to each other



The list of speakers contains information about each speaker, including:

  • The sessions
  • Published documents





Participants can post and interact on internal social networks.
The administrator can also post on this news feed.
The administrator has the possibility to moderate the content.

Poser des questions


Participants can ask questions to the speakers.
Other participants can "like" to bring up the most relevant issues.
The administrator has the possibility to moderate the content.



Commentaires sur les questions


Les participants peuvent évaluer les séances directement sur le calendrier.

Enquête de satisfaction


Participants can fill in the survey directly in the app.
* We can integrate your tools like Survey Monkey and Google Form for example.






Possibilité de créer des pages personnalisées pour inclure tout type d'informations utiles.

Gestion de groupe


Notre plateforme permet de segmenter les contenus selon le profil du participant.
Therefore, when two people attend the same event, but in different groups, the content displayed in the web app will not be the same for both participants.






The application can be used in different languages.
When you select another language, the entire interface and all features adapt to the chosen language.

Push notification (alerts)


Il est possible d'envoyer des alertes aux participants sur les activités à venir.
Alerts can be segmented by group and scheduled in advance.




Participant profile


Personal information can be included in each participant's Profile.
Les participants peuvent modifier leurs propres informations.

Documents et galerie


La plateforme vous permet de partager et de télécharger toutes les présentations utilisées lors de l'événement.
The gallery allows you to share all the photos taken during the event.






Take advantage of the Analytics module collecting all data generated to understand and know what the effective engagement of your audience was during your event. For your convenience, all data can be exported in Excel format.

Boost your physical, virtual or hybrid events !