Virtual Events

Adapt to the changing environment by creating 100% virtual events

Find all the fundamentals of your events accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet : live streaming and VOD, networking, making appointments, agenda, Quiz, virtual room (video discussion), documents, and more…

The context changes, your events adapt.


Since the digital transition, companies have had to reorient their activities in order to meet new consumer demands. The current context thus explains the recent rise of a new type of event : the virtual event.

Le principe ? The virtual event is organized and takes place online, allowing participants to live a unique experience enriched by digital. This remote format gives advantages to the virtual over the physical event, namely a reduced logistics cost of organization, a larger audience and more efficient data collection.

The choice of your virtual platform is all the more strategic as it must give participants a more interesting experience than the physical one. Allowing a dynamic immersion of your audience while stimulating their engagement is no easy task. Faced with this challenge, B3App brings you its solution through its virtual events platform.

Create a memorable virtual event experience



Engagez vos participants


Encourager le réseautage


Collecter des données

Les participants peuvent :

  • Regardez les séances en direct ou hors ligne grâce au streaming
  • Interroger les intervenants pendant les sessions
  • Répondre aux quiz

Facilitez les échanges et la communication entre vos participants :

  • Fil d'actualité interne à l'application
  • Réunion de groupe
  • Discuter

Évaluez la satisfaction de vos participants et estimez votre ROI en récupérant :

  • Retours des séances
  • L'enquête de satisfaction générale
  • Réponses aux votes et quiz
  • Données sur l'utilisation générale de l'application

Diffusion en direct et VOD

Integrate live broadcasts of sessions or pre-recorded videos of them to our platform. Participants can thus attend the conferences either at the time of the live feed, at the time of their choice by clicking on the time slot of the agenda corresponding to the session concerned.

Conférence vidéo

Start or join easy and flexible virtual meetings through our platform. During the videoconference, you can easily chat with your guests using your computer's microphone and your webcam. You also have the option to share your screen and send written messages. Everything is at your fingertips for a successful meeting.

A real platform for your virtual events


Our event web platform has a host of features making the experience of your participants unique :

- Interactivity modules integrated into the platform : Ask questions, Quiz, Chat, Word cloud, News feed
- Information modules : Agenda, Exhibitors, Speakers, Documents, Practical information


Multiple compatibility: Web App and Native App

Give your attendees the freedom to choose the medium in which they will participate in the event. Our application is available in Web App version (via a URL) but also in native version on IOS or Android.


La marque blanche


Personnaliser votre candidature autant que possible en choisissant :

- La nom de l'application native téléchargeable par les participants

- La nom de domaine de la Web App