How to create a phygital event ?

A phygital or hybrid event is a mixture between a physical event and a virtual event. The transposition of the physical event to the digital format is not simple. It is necessary to adapt the content from the physical base to the digital format which has its codes and its constraints. The adaptation of the content can therefore be slow and constraining.

How do you organize an impactful hybrid event? What do you need to think about to make your event a success? The answer in this article.

To create an impacting phygital event, you need to think about several things:

Think technical:

For the success of your event, you need to make sure that on a technical level everything will run smoothly. Beyond the fact that you need to choose how you want to convey your event, you also need to surround yourself with good professionals. A phygital event implies to call upon technical service providers.

When we talk about event virtualization, we must keep in mind that several technological means must be taken into account.

To set up your digitalized event you have the choice between two big families: on one hand streaming and the other hand videoconferencing. Streaming will allow you to have a large number of participants. It is top-down information, meaning that your participants don’t need to connect with their microphones and cameras, they just watch the video. Moreover, depending on the streaming tool used you can benefit from a customization rate. Videoconferencing is recommended for workshops when participants need to intervene via audio and camera. It is possible to have interaction via the streaming, but it is mainly in writing through the “ask your questions”, chat and quiz tabs.

How is streaming done?

There are several possibilities if you want to do streaming, depending on whether you want to set up a TV set, in which case you will need to call in video capture professionals. Or if the interventions will be done completely remotely, in which case you will need to use a professional tool such as the Vodalys Studio from the company Vodalys. In the case of a phygital event, it is the TV set that will prevail, the second solution is reserved for 100% virtual events.

There is a possibility to combine streaming with videoconferences in the case of an event combining plenary speeches and workshops. In this case, the streaming professional will be in charge of making the switch on his video stream. It is then also possible to call upon speakers from all over the world via a duplex or multiplex.

Regarding the program:

For your program to be optimized, within the framework of a phygital event, it is necessary to adapt it to both the physical and the virtual. Indeed, the content must be easily transposable. Digital has its own codes and constraints that you may want to anticipate from the start. By establishing an easily transposable schedule, we ensure that the event will be in the right format and thus guarantee its feasibility. Moreover, in the extreme case that the event cannot be held in a physical format, you can easily turn it into a virtual event.

Regarding the speakers:

You need to draw up a list of speakers and know which ones are going to speak on the spot and which ones at a distance. Your streaming professional will have to juggle between the different presentations. If you are doing a multi-language event, you need to know who will speak at what time to be able to manage the live translation with certified translators.

Regarding the participants:

Establish two separate lists of attendees: one with live guests and one with online guests. Alternatively, you can have only a list of attendees on-site by choosing to make it an open event. Your audience will be larger and more diverse.

Regarding interactivity:

Use interactivity tools while choosing the ones that will be the most relevant for your event or combine them. Whether it’s quizzes, training, chats, group discussions, and/or questions to ask, it’s essential to integrate interactivity tools into your phygital event. This will create interaction and keep the attention and interest of your online audience.

Think about documents, photos, practical information, presentation pages…

All the tools will be convenient to make your event easy to access and fun. Whether it’s powerpoint presentations, useful documents, photos of the event on the day, or from previous editions, your participants will enjoy juggling these different elements.

Think about B3APP to make your phygital event attractive. With our mobile application that also acts as a web application, you will be able to embellish your event. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to advise you on the organization and feasibility of your project. We remain at your disposal, so what are you waiting for?


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