How to mobilize your collaborators during a convention?

The increasing competitiveness of the market requires continuous and productive learning. In this context, companies and teams need to be prepared for changes and adaptations to meet new requirements to achieve the organization’s objectives. Working on internal marketing is therefore fundamental for employees to understand the negotiation vision, the management model, the objectives to be achieved, the medium and long-term expected results, the products and services offered, and the main segments of updating their company.

Today, we know that a companie’s performance is directly related to motivation, the employee mobilization, and the degree of importance given to it. Therefore, an effective communication process to inform, prepare, value, and satisfy the needs of the internal public is necessary. Thus, all results obtained internally will be perceived positively by your customers.

Internal marketing as a competitive benchmark :

Developed by B3APP, Event App is a flexible application that adapts to the dynamics and needs of your corporate event. It has a platform accessible from any mobile device (Smartphones, tablets, notebook), and various tools that can help in mobilizing your collaborators.

For example, for those who organize a company convention, Event App facilitates the organization. Indeed, it makes available all the information and services in a single virtual space and offers, moreover, the possibility of modification at any time according to the need.

The application also provides interactive maps, personalized calendars, alerts, and offers segmented programs to employees in their areas of corporate action.

Also, it has interactive elements that bring your presentations together (quizzes, problems, challenges, live questions, and QR-Codes). The playful aspect facilitates learning by making it light and interesting.

Event App also relies on the list of participants and saves the need for printing and reprints.

A single communication channel that optimizes the entire flow of information updated in real-time, the application exponentially increases the level of interaction of your employees during the event.


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