Hybrid Events

Adapt to the changing environment by creating hybrid events

The hybrid event is still uncommon. However, it has started to expand drastically in the current context of uncertainty because its format has many advantages.

Your events adapt to stay at the forefront of trends.


The principle ? The hybrid event is a combination of the physical and the virtual, it involves both on-site and remote participants. This very flexible shape allows it to easily adapt to the vagaries of the recent world while making the most of physical and virtual events: warm interactions and pushed geographic boundaries.

Organizing a hybrid event is all the more difficult because it is done on two aspects, the physical and the virtual. Your digital platform must be able to adapt to both aspects of the event and therefore requires great versatility.

In this demanding process, B3App brings you its solution through a platform accessible on mobile and web.

All the content and functionalities you need are centralized on a web platform and an application


Engage your participants


Encourage networking


Collect data

Participants can :

  • Watch the sessions live or offline thanks to streaming
  • Question speakers during sessions
  • Answer quizzes

Facilitate exchanges and communication between your participants:

  • Internal news feed to the application
  • Group meeting
    to discuss
  • Chat

Evaluate the satisfaction of your participants and estimate your ROI by recovering:

  • Feedback from the sessions
  • The general satisfaction survey
  • Answers to votes and quizzes
  • Data on the general use of the application

Why switch to hybrid with B3App?

Use our native phone app and desktop web app to provide the best user experience for your event attendees.

Allow your attendees to navigate through the different modules throughout the event, whether they're on site or following the event on their computer.

This way, participants can choose how they use the app: the Web App on their browser or the app on their mobile. They will be able to interact in the same way, with each other or with the speakers.

Web App : For remote participants

The event platform is ideal for virtualizing your event.

So your attendees can access all of your content, use core features, and take part in event highlights all through a browser.

Mobile application: For on site participants

Use our 100% personalized native app to provide the best user experience for your event attendees who are on site. The application serves as a practical complement and an interactive tool where all participants are accessible.

Thanks to our application, you thus maintain the objectives that you had for your event.

The white label

Customize your application as much as possible by choosing:

- The name of the native application downloadable by the participants

- The domain name of the Web App