Mobile App

Everything you need for an event gathered into one single app

Intuitive and numerous features, customizable according to the event to be covered. An Event App specially designed and dedicated to event professionals.

An immersive tool that fits in your pocket


B3 App offers you an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application with many features. We have thought of a dynamic format that offers you a wide range of choices to perfectly meet your needs.

Our application is fully customizable according to your DNA and ensures the smooth running of your event. This is the perfect opportunity to offer your participants a unique and engaging experience.

Home page

Simple, intuitive and customisable

This page can be customised according to the colours of your event.

All modules can be accessed directly from this main page. The menu on the left is also customisable.

Participants profile

Personal information can be included in the Profile of each participant.

As well as information concerning their logistics and their plane tickets, for example.
Participants find their QRCode allowing them to be scanned for Check-In.
Participants can edit their own information.


The agenda can be shared with everyone
participants or segmented into groups.

Sessions can be categorized into Track. Participants can create their own personal agenda.


Detailed of the sessions

Each session gathers information about:

- The details of the session

- The location

- Speakers

Participants can also:

- Evaluate the session

- Download the documents

- Ask questions to the speaker

- Answer quizzes


Trombinoscope with profile
participants containing the desired public information.

Participants can exchange
between them via internal messaging of the application.

Group discussions

It is possible to create group discussions between several people.

Participants can:
- Exchange between them
- Make a group call by videoconference
- Send pictures to each other

Making appointments

Participants can make appointments between them via the appointment module of the application.

In view of the current circumstances, you have the possibility of making this meeting through videoconferencing.


The list of speakers contains
information about each speaker including:

- The Sessions
- Published documents

News feed

Participants have the ability to post and interact just like on social media.

The administrator can also publish on this news feed. The administrator has the option of moderating the contents.


Vote with real-time answer display.

The results are also projectable
on screen.


Ask questions

Participants can ask questions of the speakers.

The other participants can “like” in order to bring out the most relevant questions.
The administrator has the ability to moderate the content.

Gamification and ranking

Gamification comes in the form of a "treasure hunt".

Each QR Code corresponds to a number of
preset points.

The Ranking allows you to summarize the points
obtained on the different interactions
available in the application:
- QR Code gamification
- Punctuated answers in the quizzes
- Interaction with the different modules of
the application

Sessions feedback

Participants can rate the sessions directly in the calendar.

Satisfaction survey

Participants can complete the survey directly in the app.

This survey is complementary to
Feedback from sessions.

Documents and gallery

The app offers the ability to share and download the presentations used during the event.

The gallery allows you to share the photos taken during the event.

Push notifications (alerts)

It is possible to send alerts to participants about upcoming activities.

Alerts can be segmented by group and be scheduled in advance.

HTML pages

Possibility to create pages customizable to include any type of useful information.

Check-in and self-check-in

The check-in of participants is done directly on the application.

An administrator account can register the participants present: Manually or by scanning the QR Code of their profile.
Participants can register themselves by flashing a QR Code unique to the event.

Group management

Our application allows to segment according to the profile of the participant.

So when two people participate in the same event but in different groups, the content displayed on the app will not be the same for both participants.


The app can be used in different languages.
When you select another language, all the interface and all features adapt to the chosen language.

Use a mobile app to boost your physical events !