Optimize interactivity during your virtual events

The virtual is not just an offline replay of your event. To engage the participants and encourage them to fully experience your event, it must keep the same degree of interactivity as a physical event, or even better! All studies confirm it, our concentration has limits, and this aspect is even more present behind a screen. During a virtual event, it is important for the participant to be able to interact directly and spontaneously with the speakers, which will make the user experience much better.

How do you do it?

There are different ways to encourage your guest to actively participate in your event. During a live event or workshop, you can choose to integrate a chat, a possibility to ask a question, a quiz, training and/or a videoconference. These different tools will not only help you to improve the concentration of your participants but also arouse their interest. B3App allows you to integrate all these elements through its platform for your event!

To arouse the interest of your audience, focus on communication before the event!

Focus on information sharing on and before your event. You can share information, photos, videos of your previous editions to make your guests willing to participate. You can also use push notifications to inform them of all the news about the upcoming event.

To make your event a success, work on your interaction rate during the event!

To generate interest from your participants, make them actors of your event! Your guests may tend to interact less with speakers or other participants during a virtual event. Their involvement is an important factor in the success of your event. To keep your event dynamic, allow your attendees to share photos and comments on the platform’s news feed. Involve them through quizzes and training. The platform allows them to ask their questions but also to interact with other guests through chats and virtual rooms.

Don’t hesitate to leave the platform open to participants after the event!

It is interesting, after the event, to set up a replay system for those who would like to review conferences or those who could not attend on the D-day. All the modules are still at their disposal and they will still be able to use them.

So what do you think about the use of interactive tools during your virtual events? B3App remains at your disposal to advise you and help you organize your event in the best possible way.

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