Service provision of an event application

You want to organize a remarkable and impactful event? To guarantee the success of your event, you need to ensure that the service provider you are going to use will provide you with a platform that is worthy of your event. Whether it is a physical, hybrid, or virtual event, the platform must be technically viable and easy to use. But there is another important parameter to take into account. This is the service that accompanies the product.

Service provision for event-driven applications, what does it mean?

It is not enough to have a web or mobile application that works. The service is a real commitment and a guarantee from your provider to provide you with quality support. Whether it’s strategy development, the creation of an application that meets your needs, the implementation of content, or the modifications to be made to your application, it’s better to surround yourself with experienced people to ensure all the technical management of your event platform and this at all times. Indeed, a web or mobile event-driven application has an impact at any stage of your project. Just like event communication, it has a role to play before, during, and after your event. Therefore, it is important to benefit from support at each of these stages of your project. Please note that not all providers offer this service.

How does this support work at B3App?

We intervene at each phase of your project, i.e. before, during, and after your event.

Before your event, we work together to develop the strategy and create the application that suits you. We can provide :

– an analysis of your needs and expectations;

– a presentation of the interface and its numerous functionalities through a demo;

– advises on the organization of your events, especially for relatively new events such as hybrid or virtual;

– an help in defining together the functionalities necessary for the success of your event;

– creation of the design of the application according to your brand identity, your brief, or by creating it from a blank sheet of paper;

– services of inserting all the content regarding your event;

– customization of the web link and publishing of the application on Google and Apple store (native white label application);

– deployment of the application before the event;

– assistance during the preparatory tests;

– briefing of your speakers who may have difficulties using the application.

To ensure your peace of mind during the event, we provide you with a dedicated project manager who will be fully available for the duration of your event on-site or remotely. He will be in charge of :

– the good management of the application ;

– support and technical assistance: including the support of speakers and participants during your event;

– sending alerts;

– modification and/or update of the content of the application;

– the publication of new content (photos, videos…) before or during the event;

– the integration of the live streaming link (in the case of virtual and hybrid events);

– the projection of questions and live quiz results;

– providing feedback reports;

– increase networking.

If required, we can provide a second project manager or set up a hotline.

After your event we continue to support you by providing:

– a compilation of question lists and survey results;

a detailed report containing data and concrete feedback that enables you to identify the KPIs of your event and draw actionable conclusions for your future events.

We can also assist you in analyzing these elements.

For hybrid and virtual events, we take care of the replay link to allow your guests to rewatch the event in streaming and if needed, implement the platform with new elements such as photos of the event, documents. The web or mobile application can remain open several weeks after the end of the event.

We remain at your disposal to accompany you on your projects! Do not hesitate to contact us to entrust us with the success of your event!


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