Registration Site

An elegant registration site, 100% customizable and available in white label just like our App !

Responsive, intuitive and easy to use, it allows your guests to register for your event directly online. It greatly facilitates the management of guest logistics for your organizing team.

Why using B3 App registration site for your events ?

Using the B3 App registration site allow you to improve your event management, to facilitate your guests logistics, to automate your invitation process, win time and reflect an innovative and professional image. 

The main tools of our registration site



The landing page is customizable to match your brand image.

A notification system

Allowing  to send automatic notifications when subscribing and declining invitations.

A mailing tool

It allows you to invite, follow up and send reminders via Emails and SMS.

Online ticketing

Contains flexible fields and currency, can be paid or free with promo codes.

A customizable design

Just like our app, our registration site is customizable according to your wishes.

The registration site is available in white label in order to remain faithful to your image.

The design of the site (colors, logos, buttons, text font) is customizable according to your graphic charter in order to guarantee a professional rendering.

For all screens

The design of the registration site is responsive.

The computer-navigable registration site automatically adapts to mobiles and tablets for a web app-like rendering.

An efficient inscription form


The registration form is ergonomic, customizable and intuitive.

The forms on our registration site are intelligent and adapt to the typologies of your contacts with customizable fields. They also have the possibility of adding accompanying persons.

Once the form is completed and registration is confirmed, the participant's account is created with their information.

A simplified ticketing

The ticket office is configurable and allows payment to be collected.

The ticket office can be free, paid and may contain promo codes.

The purchase is secure and can be made in the currency established by the organizer.

Customizable content

The content of the site is fully customizable.

The showcase site for your event may contain texts, images, quotes, countdowns, maps, redirectable links as well as partner and speaker pages.

Even more content

But also, the registration site can contain:

- Videos that can be integrated into the platform
- FAQ pages to facilitate the exchange of questions / answers with your guests.

Multilingual mode

Our registration site has multilingual mode.

Our registration site can be translated into as many languages ​​as possible. Thus, it will make it possible to adapt the content of your showcase site to your international audiences.


Use a registration site to facilitate your event organization !