The B3App schedule: How does it work?

In our previous article, we addressed how important the program of an event is. We shared with you the idea of setting up a digital shedule for your events through a web or mobile event application. Today we would like to share with you behind the scenes of the implementation of this tool. Indeed, the schedule, as well as the management of groups, are our greatest assets.

Group management B3App

The B3App platform allows the content to be segmented according to the participant’s profile. How do we do it?

The first step consists of creating groups and then associating participants in each of them according to the conferences or workshops they have registered for. The second step consists of assigning these same groups to sessions in the schedule, documents, etc. The third and last step allows us to choose how to display the module(s).

The platform allows 4 types of display and thus 4 kinds of vision:

The global vision: the page is visible and accessible by everyone (we do not take into account the notion of groups).

The vision is divided into groups: the page displays all the groups as a list. All the participants have access to the content of the different groups but it is displayed as a list.

The vision by groups: the button (or the module on the left menu) is displayed for all participants. By clicking on it the participant will only see the content corresponding to his group.

The limited group view: the button (or the module on the left menu) is only displayed for the selected group(s).

We can also send Push Notifications by groups.

The schedule and the personal schedule

In order to satisfy your guests, several options are available. As seen previously, it is possible to display information by segmenting it into groups. A guest can thus have a global view of any schedule and even of the options he has not chosen, or have access only to a personal schedule, showing him only the option time slots he has registered for. You can also choose to display both types of information. He can therefore have two schedules, a personal and a global one, giving him the possibility, if he wishes and if space permits, to join a conference or workshop, which he would not have noticed at the time of his registration.

If you would like further details, please do not hesitate to consult our specialists who will be happy to advise you!


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