The importance of an event program for your BtoB events!

The event program, as a tool and considerable communication asset, exhaustively retraces the entire course of your event. While breaking down the duration of the event and providing guests with an overview of the event, it subtly reveals its key moments :

– the opening,

– speeches, lectures, and interventions,

– taste breaks,

– practical workshops,

– the eventual evening as well as the closing moment.

It is a significant element of successful event communication, having beyond the informative side and by the strength of its various attractions, the power to mobilize the concerned public.

Originally, programs were printed only on paper. But with the advent of new technologies, more and more event organizers have turned to web and mobile event applications, giving them the ability to use digital agendas. The elements contained in this digital Swiss Army Knife are a real interactive map of the event:

– the name, the date, the place of the event;

– the schedule of conferences, workshops, taste breaks, etc..;

– the rooms and their location;

– the speakers, presenters, and lecturers, as well as a link to their biographies;

– related documents;

– your brand or that of your partners, with logo, slogan, link to social networks, etc.

It allows the guest to organize his day as he wishes by participating only in the events that interest him deeply.

An efficient digital agenda will allow a real segmentation of the programming via the group management technique. Thanks to this method, the participant will find at a glance only the conferences and workshops to which he has previously registered. If you wish to use a platform with a high-performance digital agenda, please contact us!

The B3App team remains at your disposal !


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