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What are the future event jobs in this post-covid era?

Dates are announced… On 19 May and 9 June 2021, France is relaunched! It is time to enter the post-covid era. Life is starting again and time has come to know what future jobs are. Do you want to work in the event industry been afraid of the sector uncertainty? Here are a few tips on what event jobs are expected to be for the post-covid era.

First of all, don’t worry, the event industry is still recruiting! After the crisis that wiped out the sector by making it loose billions of euros, the event industry needs to motivate people more than ever.

The event industry requires a number of qualities. Whether it is to organise a company anniversary, a seminar or even a conference, it is necessary to be organised, to be able to resist pressure, stress and to have the ability to work in a hurry in order to be prepared for the unexpected.

Here are some of the jobs with a great future in the world of events:

o Project manager: the project manager is the person who sets up all the operations necessary for the event to take place.
o Director of a trade fair, exhibition or congress: The director organises and directs the entire organisation of the events he/she organises.
o Exhibition curator: this is the person who organises and manages the production of exhibitions.
o Show administrator: Without a show administrator who works behind the scenes, it is difficult to have shows. The administrator manages not only the organisation but also all the administrative, financial and recruitment aspects.
o Sports event organiser: As the name suggests, the sports event organiser is the person in charge of all event design around sport (competition, friendly meeting, etc.).
o Performing arts festival organiser: The director of a live performance festival takes into account the cultural desires of the audience and adapts his or her decision-making.
o Event decorator: The event decorator is the person who imagines and creates a unique universe for an event. In order to set up the event, he/she takes into account the layout of the space, the constraints of the venue, the aesthetic choices, etc.
o Event communication manager: The event communication manager implements large-scale communication actions with the aim of promoting a brand/company.
o Cultural project manager : Cultural project managers are responsible for promoting artists of all kinds through various events.

The InventApp Solution
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