Which platform to choose for a virtual event?

The ability of companies to adapt has become an essential asset in these times of health crisis. This is why more and more companies are turning to a virtual format for their events. This necessary transition to digital explains the rise of virtual event platforms, offering a package of services around these virtualized events. Given the wide range of solutions available on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly which platform is best suited to your needs and expectations.

You need to make sure you make an informed choice that highlights all the elements of your programming. To make this choice, you will have to take into account a certain number of elements such as the platform’s functionalities and the type of support offered.

The 8 questions you need to ask yourself to choose the platform adapted to your event

Each platform has its specificities and advantages. So here are a few questions to ask yourself, beforehand, to find the one that will best meet your objectives.

  • What is the navigation like? Choose a platform with intuitive and customizable navigation allowing easy access to the different modules.
  • Do you need to broadcast live streaming and video conferencing? Opt for a solution that directly integrates your streams and videos into a web application.
  • What are the speaker’s nationalities? The choice of a multilingual platform is a real asset when dealing with international speakers and participants.
  • Do you propose different interventions in parallel? Some platforms offer the possibility to manage different virtual rooms including rooms where participants can exchange privately in parallel to the main event.
  • How can participants follow the program and see the details of the different sessions? The presence of a virtual agenda is essential for a successful management.
  • What degree of interactivity does the platform offer? In order to really engage the participant and push him/her to fully experience your event, it must retain the same degree of interactivity as a physical event! Quizzes, questions/answers, and the presence of a chat room will ensure the commitment of your participants.
  • What degree of personalization does the platform offer? The customization of colors, visuals, and the possibility of white-label applications will allow you to create an event that represents you.
  • What type of support do you need before, during, and after the event? Select a partner who will help you in the elaboration, realization, and analysis of the results.

To make sure you make the right choice, don’t hesitate to ask for a demo version and examples of previous events.

The B3App solution

Choosing the right platform for your event should not be left to chance. Answering these key questions will enable you to identify the one that corresponds to your needs.

Based on its experience, B3App adapts to your event by offering a large number of functionalities, which can be modified according to your needs.

B3App accompanies you throughout your event to help you ensure its success. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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