Why digitalise your event rather than cancel it?

The health crisis is at the heart of all discussions. The future is more uncertain than ever and setting up projects is getting more complex. Thus, you are hesitating to start creating events and to give life to projects that are close to your heart. You even wonder whether it would be better to cancel. Well, thanks to digitalisation, don’t think about it anymore! It may be the best solution for you!

Why digitalise your event rather than cancelling it?

  • Digitalising an event allows you to keep in touch with the participants of the event while making it more accessible. This means that members can participate regardless of their geographical location. This makes it possible to reach a larger target than the one reached in person.
  • Digitalisation also helps to maintain a team dynamic. Indeed, the event organisers can continue to do what they have chosen to do, proposing ideas as a team to attract the population.
  • Digitalising your event also saves time and money as fewer people are needed. Moreover, as the event is not cancelled, it allows the organisers to keep making profit.

How to digitalise your event?

  • To ensure a quality event, start by taking an interest in your target audience. Find out what their interests are and adapt to them.
  • Manage the communication of the event. Depending on the target group, choose a particular social network (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), a particular approach (e-mail, invitations, etc.). Indeed, you will not use Instagram to announce an online yoga class for people in their sixties.
  • During the event, make sure you are dynamic and create a real link with the community. For example, choose live streams that allow you to interact easily with the community.
  • Don’t hesitate to assign a theme to the event and stick to it for the duration of the event.

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You can now call on our experts to advise you on how to organise this type of event!


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